Cruise vs all inclusive pros and cons

Are you having trouble planning your next vacation? Have you wondered if you should go on a cruise or an all inclusive? Well, we would like to help you a bit with that decision. Read on to find out the pros and cons for each of these types of vacations.

Cruise Life

Some people will swear by cruising. You will often meet people on the ship who have went on multiple cruises. Some will even tell you that cruising is cheaper than just staying home. Take a look at this video from CNBC. So here are the pros and cons.


- You will have great food and great service. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but in general you will be having meals and snacks that you will enjoy, along with excellent service. And of course, you can eat at almost any time of the day.

- Everything is clean. Yes, the crew on most cruises do an amazing job in keeping the ship clean and bacteria free. Because the last thing anyone wants is for someone to get sick and start spreading it on the ship.

- You get to travel from one place to another from the comfort of a "floating city". As you're having fun, eating good food or sunbathing by the pool, the captain is taking you to your next destination.

- There are tons of activities to enjoy on the ship, like dance classes, wine tastings, behind the scenes ship tours, live shows, movies, parties etc. On some of the newer ships, you can even have slides, zip lines, laser tags, rock climbing on then some. So there's something for everyone.

- The ship can chase the good weather! On most days. The captain and his crew usually finds the sunniest routes to take you to your destination so that you can enjoy the sun and have fun in the pools. Of course, there are times where mother nature does not permit it.


- You need to get to the embarkation port. For most of us, it means extra cost for transportation and usually also a night at the hotel.

- You might get seasick. Although there are different ways to help with the symptoms, there's always a risk that you'll get sick.

- On some days you need to spend you entire day at sea. So if you like the feeling of being stuck somewhere, then you might reconsider going on a cruise. Some ships can go 2-3 days straight without going on land.

- Not everything is included. There might be extra fees for some activities and if you don't have a beverage package, you will have to pay for your booze and specialty drinks


All-inclusive Resort Life


- Well, it's in the name... All-inclusive!! Everything is included! Drink 'till you drop 24/7 at no extra cost.

- You can be at the beach every day. So beach bums, this is where you want to be!

- There's always food at any time of the day and usually specialty restaurants are included and are good. Of course it could be a hit or miss at some destinations and resorts.

- Your price usually includes airfare and departs from many major cities in North America.


- The weather is not always great. We never know what mother nature will bring you.

- The food can be disappointing at times and the service mediocre.

- The rooms can be a bit dirty and in some cases you can hear a lot of noise from the outside.

- You're at the same place all the time and activities and shows are limited. If you need to be entertained all the time, you might reconsider being at a resort for a week. Maybe go for a shorter stay.

So here it folks. I hope you now understand more the differences between the two and that it can help you choose your next vacation. However, I say that you should always try before you can know for yourself. You can also talk to a travel adviser who can provide you with tons of useful tips and tricks and help with your decision. They also have great deals. Need a good one? Click right here.

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