How To Plan For Your Life Adventures

So have you been thinking of that trip to see the Eiffel Tower, go on a ride on a Venetian gondola or check out the ultra modern architecture in Dubai? Then you ran out of time to plan or you just didn't know how or didn't have enough money? Well whichever is your destination, here are a few tips on how make your life adventures come true.

 Planning for travel

Pick your destination

First things first. You must decide on your destination. You might have several in mind, so you should first write them all down first. Now reflect on which ones you would like to visit not more than 5 years from now. Do not pick more than 5. Then from these, pick the one that you must visit in your lifetime. If you still can't come up with just one, then keep going in these steps.


Research you destination(s)

Now do a little more research on your destination or destinations. Find out what the main attractions are. Research more on the culture, the people, the food, etc. Find out how the cost of the food, the hotels, the taxis, public transit, etc. Make a list of all these things and now you should have a better idea on how long you would need to stay there to do all the things you want to do. Oh, don't forget to put in some shopping time if that's your thing.

Here are some sites that can help you in your research:


Pick your travel partner(s) if you feel like it

Is this a family vacation or could it be a romantic one? Or do you just want to travel solo. The objective of your adventure is important here. If you wanted an experience where the whole family will enjoy, then you must include them in your planning. If you just want to go alone and discover the destination, to meet locals and make new friends, then going solo might be better.


Determine your budget

How much money do you want or can you spend towards this adventure. This part can be tricky since you will need to determine when you will want to leave. If you want to do so sooner than later, then you might have to make some lifestyle changes to enable to save more money for the trip. Or, you can decide to go backpacking to lower the cost. Or you can pick another destination that will cost less. Go back to your list of destinations you created in step 1. So plan your budget accordingly. Create a "Vacation Savings Fund". Put some money towards from every paycheck.


Pick the time of year you want to travel

So prefer travelling in summer than in the winter? Or do you prefer the fall or the spring when the students are still in school so that you escape the families? You also need to know which is the best season to visit your destination. If you want to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, then you shouldn't go in summer when the sun almost doesn't set.


List the things you will need to pack

So if you're planning to do a lot of shopping,then you might want to bring that larger luggage to fit in all the souvenirs that you will be bringing back. If you're going backpacking then of course you will need your adventure backpack. I'm not going into the details of exactly what needs to be packed, but this step is reminder that you might need to allocate a budget to buying some extra travel gear for your adventure.

 Packing for travel

Mark the date

Now it's time to mark that date in your calendar. Either on your phone or your computer or even just print out a sheet with the date and destination on it and stick it somewhere you can see. This is your reminder to keep working towards this vacation. Seeing it more often will encourage you to reach for it and make it happen.

 Mark your vacation

Travelling is good for the soul! They bring us life experiences and memories that we will cherish forever. You'll have great stories to tell during gatherings. You can also inspire others in traveling as well. Go out and discover the world!

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