Vacationing Is Magical! So Is Cruising!

Imagine your typical day in this wonderful world, where you would be relaxed, calm, happy and just enjoying that moment. What would typical day look like? Would it be a stroll through nature and hearing the chirping birds, the buzzing insects and the wind gently blowing on the trees? Or would it be more like sunbathing on the beach, listening to the ocean breeze and sipping on a Pina Colada? No matter what that moment is for you, it would be magical to experience. However, I recently found out that cruising is just as magical. I've never thought of a cruise in such a way before I went on my first one. Since then, I'm hooked!

Celebrity Reflection

I started my journey to embark on my first cruise in Rome, I actually didn't have any expectations. My wife had done all the booking and planning. Even if I was the one who suggested that we go on a cruise, I wanted it to be more of a surprise, where I would discover everything as I go. I find it more of a fulfilling experience. Since my wife loves planning trips (and she's a travel consultant), I just leave all the pleasure for her. My first cruise was 11 days in the Mediterranean on the amazing Celebrity Reflection. It felt like I was in another world, where I would wake up almost every morning to a new city or country. It would give me a preview of all these places and see the best parts of it in a limited time window. However, what happens in between just enhances the whole experience. It is like you're on a moving city with all the great food that you can eat and all the drinks you can take, accompanied by friendly staff and great entertainment. Sunbathing on the deck, sipping on a margarita and then jumping in the pool when it gets too hot. Or grabbing a quick snack at the deck BBQ or some fruits or sushi at the buffet. If you prefer more quiet spots, you can find some at the forward or aft part of the ship. You can also fall asleep on a lawn chair and listen to the waves as the ship cruises along the ocean. Just relaxing and enjoying the moment. Once you're done, you can head back to your stateroom and get ready for dinner and a night full of entertainment. I suggest you dress up and make every night a date night. Or dress comfortably and make every night a fun night. Do whatever pleases you the most, because this is your vacation and your time to enjoy life. Before heading back to your room, go up to one of the higher decks and stargaze and realize that you are in the middle of the ocean and having the time of your life. Try and smell the ocean and feel the calmness of a beautiful dark quiet evening. Then it's time to head back to your room that was tidied up during your time out, to watch a little TV, listen to some music or read a good book and fall asleep to recharge yourself for another wonderful day.

Once we got back home, it is then that I realized even more how magical the cruise was. We ate a lot of good food, saw so many different places and made a lot of new friends. That trip changed my perception of life. It made me realize what a great vacation is all about and how we are too much into or work on a usual basis. Life is short and you should learn live a balance life.

We've gone back on a 2nd cruise on Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas. Although the experience was different as this was more of a family oriented and activity filled ship, the experience was just as magical. It's that feeling of being on the ocean, doing fun activities, having great food, meeting great people, travelling from one place to another and while having the time of my life.

I want to thank my wife in planning these wonderful trips and having me experience such pleasures in life. I'm lucky that she's a travel consultant and specializes in travel. If you want to have similar experiences, you can't go wrong in booking with her or you can just ask her questions and everything is no charge at all. Check out her page. And remember to share!

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